The Môsiying King! My submission to the Pixeland Monthly Challenge - Create a single screen game using Môsi.

The Môsiying King is a simple puzzle game. Your objective is to build up a village, gain resources, and finally upgrade your castle. Interact with the workshop to cycle through buildings, and see if you can complete the game!

Môsi is a very simple game engine that I would describe in one word. Hell. For some reason, though, it was extremely entertaining with all the restrictions. Took me a while to figure some things out, but it really is a very good piece of software.

I've attached my game's source code as a mosi file for those who are interested in looking. It contains some quite interesting methods, especially to display the resources at the top of the canvas.

You can use Môsi here:

and you can find details of the Pixeland Monthly Challenge here:

and you can find me on Twitter. I do all sorts of gamedev crap and am releasing a pixel art asset pack very soon!


TheMosiyingKing.mosi 89 kB

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