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This demo is currently being developed into a full game! Please view the official Unlikely Combinations page here: https://nateonus.itch.io/unlikely-combinations

My entry for the Kenney Game Jam!

The game uses OVER 1048 unique 3D assets from the Kenney asset page. It uses the castle, fantasy, furniture, graveyard, holiday, nature, pirate, platformer, racing, water, space and weapon packs!

The objective of the game is to discover as many creations as possible that can be created using the wishing well.

See what Unlikely Combinations you can create!

Throw items in to the wishing well by looking at them and using the left mouse button.

The wishing well is connected to a nearby computer system. Clicking on the computer will cause the wishing well to grant your wish, and create a new item.

WASD and Mouse movement.

Some of the sounds in this project were created by David McKee (ViRiX)

Install instructions:
Windows - Extract zip file and run 'Unlikely Combinations.exe'.

StatusIn development


UnlikelyCombinations.zip 26 MB

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